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Thread: Best Practice when importing sequence?

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    Default Best Practice when importing sequence?

    I've recently purchased a few sequences from There are some props that he has that I do not. For example, he has 15 snowflakes, whereas I have 8. What I did was create 15 stars named "MLS-houseprop1..15", and moved the models above the house image in layout. I set MLS-houseprop1 to a channel much higher than anything in my layout, and chained the others after it.

    When I imported the sequence, I mapped each of his flakes to one of these MLS-housepropX models. I then copied individual effects from these "dummy" models to my snowflakes. I presume after I'm done I can simply mark these dummy props as Inactive (under the Appearance section in Layout), so they don't show up in the fseq file.

    Is this the best way to do this, or is there a better, more preferred way?


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    Default Re: Best Practice when importing sequence?

    I think it depends on how the previous sequence had the 15 snowflakes mapped. Were they addressed individually or grouped? They might not have only been in only one group of 15, they could have had multiple groups such as evens / odds etc as well.

    But you don't need to match like for like when importing effects (i.e. 15 snowflakes for 15 snowflakes). You can add the effects to any or all of your props so if the imported sequence has a snowflakes group simply map it to your snowflakes group. If they are addressing individual snowflakes then you need to study the previous sequence a little to find the right snowflakes to map to your 8. Or if you wanted your group of snowflakes to act like one of their snowflakes map the effects from that one snowflake to your group.

    If they have multiple groups for their 15 you can always add them to your flakes individually to see how they act differently in your display. Meaning take their group of 15 and add it to your 1st flake, then their group of evens to your second flake and then their group of odds to your third and so on. Then you can visualize them in your display and either copy & paste the chosen line of effects to the rest of the flakes or remap.

    You may still need to go in an tweak some of the effects to truly align with your props given the layout but it's surely much faster than starting from scratch.

    Hope this helps,


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