Good morning all,

I am just breaking in to this awesome world and I need a little help.
I'm trying to get my show lined out and I have some questions about what I need to purchase.
This is what I have dreamed up to do:


What I own at this point is:
With a Hinkspix pro CPU

-I have the the 5 RIP tombstones
-an arch package on it's way:
-I am considering this matrix package:
-And this mega tree package, but with 100 pixels per string vs the 50 per:

The three packages already have the CPU's and power lined out, so I think those should be fairly straight forward.

I am struggling with the CPU/Power end of all the rest of it. Not sure if I need power injection or an additional controller or what the hell I need.

I will need to run approximately 3400 pixels outside of the packaged items.

Please help me out guys, I'm a little lost.


Pixel counts =