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Thread: Need 2nd set of eyes on P5 build

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    Default Need 2nd set of eyes on P5 build

    I have a small P5 matrix I need to build for a standalone prop. I don't normally do pixels (besides my 6ish year old matrix that I don't really need to do modify on a yearly basis), so I want to make sure I am thinking correctly before I start buying and building. I'll put some comments down in bullet form in case someone has some ideas for particular points.

    1. I plan on using P5s, indoor, with a full custom enclosure. The plan is to use the 320mm x 160mm versions (no question, just giving some info)
    2. I wanted the matrix to be roughly 1.5ft wide x 2ft tall, so I thought I could use the panels in a vertical orientation 3 wide and 2 tall. Is it possible to set them up in this arrangement? I figure that it is just a matter of configuring that in XLights, but I am not sure.
    3. I know that one 300W power supply will work fine with 4 P5 panels, but I am not sure about 6. I am having trouble finding the total power draw of a panel, does anyone have a good link for it?
    4. I then plan to use the ColorLight 5a-75 connected to a Pi running FPP.
    5. I'll use XLights to make the sequences that I need, and then run them through the Pi
    6. One oddball thing I need is the sequences to be run based on a UART input. I am pretty sure this use to be doable in FPP, but I am not 100% sure. Basically this is going to look like a book turning pages, so I will need the image to sit on a particular page. When a command is received it will run the animation of the page turning and then sit on that page until the next command. I am nearly positive that this is doable, but I wanted to throw it out here.


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    Default Re: Need 2nd set of eyes on P5 build

    Late response, and I know you got some answers on the Falcon forum, but for posterity’s sake:

    2. Yes. Stack 4 in landscape orientation on top of each other, and 2 in portrait. Then in FPP under the LED Panels tab, select “advanced layout” and you can see exactly how the panels will be oriented.

    3. Figure about 12 watts per panel for indoor panels at 100% brightness. My smallest P5 matrix is 12 panels and I have no issues with a 300W PSU.

    4. Chris gave a good description of the Colorlight and how it works with FPP in my thread on the Falcon board titled “Diagnosing P10 Matrix Issues”. The thread is in the Beaglebone Black Controllers section.


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