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11-10-2018, 06:12 PM
Have no clue how to go about this and it’s probably too late for this year but I could use some help and suggestions with this idea.

We have a 90 foot wooden fence that fronts out onto the street. I currently have a chasing rope light the length of it. Also have three large (42”) lighted wreaths on it.

I was thinking of doing several motorized pop up Santa’s or other cutouts on it.

Whatever contraptions I can come up with with your help would have to be mounted on the 4x4 fence support post. I have a vague, very vague idea of how to do this but could use some guidance as far as what type of motorized device to use, etc.


11-10-2018, 08:55 PM
I haven't done it (yet [emoji14]), but look into head poppers. It is something the Halloween folks do behind tombstones. I bet if you look at a couple builds you can get a good idea of how to scale it up.

Keep us posted, I think this will be a great addition!

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11-10-2018, 11:35 PM
Dan from the tristate posted a link before Halloween about a guy who did a video of motorized props. I’ll look for the link but maybe someone else remembers. Wiper motors are pretty popular for that type of stuff.

11-10-2018, 11:44 PM
Try a YouTube search of simple motorized Halloween props.

11-11-2018, 08:57 PM
How heavy are the cutouts?
Search Hauntforum.com
If you have a compressor, this sounds like a job for pneumatic cylinders. Check out FrightProps.com
Wiper motors can work but the mechanical side of things might get complicated.
I remember seeing a pneumatic design that used a 1.25" schedule 40 PVC base with a 1" schedule 40 PVC plunger (maybe it was 1.5" into 2"). Normally compressed air, cold temps, and PVC are a bad mix but this design has leaky seals and reduces or eliminates over pressures on the PVC.

11-13-2018, 07:40 AM
Thanks for the input. At least now I know where to start my research. Will be a good summer project for next year.

11-13-2018, 08:53 AM
Check out these:

I'm a fan of The Winfield Collection products. Good luck!

11-13-2018, 12:22 PM
Most wood cutouts are too heavy for the Windshield wiper method of headpopper. But there IS a simple solution to make the wiper motor handle the load.

Take two pulleys and some nylon rope. (no need for the expense of steel cables for this.) Rig up a counterweight with the rope so that the weight pulls the wood prop UP some. Then the wiper motor has less weight to lift upwards.