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    This information is for those of you that use the development builds. We have just completed a significant refactoring of the code to upgrade it to .NET 6. We touched a lot of the code and upgraded many of the dependent libraries. Along with that comes a new installer. It now will use Microsoft Setup Installer under the covers, so you get better management of the installs. You will be able to use add remove programs to manage the installation. You can also have Release and Development builds installed side by side without having to control the install location. Both versions will show up in add remove programs and you can install / upgrade them independently. We recommend removing any prior development versions before you upgrade to the latest.

    Since this has been a significant update to the code, we did quite a bit of testing to work out most issues, but please be sure to have backups of your profile in case there are any bugs we have not uncovered. We appreciate anyone willing to do some testing with the new builds and provide reports of any issues at the bug tracker. https:\\

    The development build affected begins at 1142.

    Development Builds
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    Look forward to loading it up


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