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Thread: Fireworks!

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    Default Fireworks!

    The DIYC boards is not a place to discuss Pyrotechnics / Fireworks in any way.

    Please refrain from doing so.

    To quote our Admin.....

    This is not the place to discuss pyrotechnics of any sort. Here in NY "fireworks" are illegal unless possessed by a licensed pyrotechnics expert. The hardware we use and design here is not intended to control anything other than lights at this time. Any future discussions about the use/control/handling of pyrotechnics will be deleted and the poster will be subject to deletion.
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    Default Re: Fireworks!

    Please understand this rule is out there for your own safety. Regardless of the laws in your area. Its the fact that the control boards are members used don't have the proper safeties designed into them to be used with Pyrotechnics / Fireworks. The Admin/Mods would hate to hear that someone got hurt as a result of it.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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