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Thread: Anyone used this device with xLights?

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    Default Anyone used this device with xLights?

    Curious as to what control you might have....

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    Default Re: Anyone used this device with xLights?

    I have tried an RGB laser in my display, a unit that could produce shapes/patterns rather than dots.

    Mine has DMX like the link you've posted. xlights handles DMX if you have a USB dongle or a controller with DMX output functionality (Falcon, Kulp, Advatek, etc).

    Side note to lasers;
    It is a great effect although it is subjective to liking. I didn't like mine because the colors were too vivid for pixel lights.
    In the past, I have used simple Red/Green dot lasers for an accent during the show. Lasers do have a place in my show, but selectively because the pixels are the main star. I plan on using my full RGB laser again selectively.
    Just my extra 2cents about lasers in shows.


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