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Thread: SS24 Configuration in xLights

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    Default SS24 Configuration in xLights


    This is my first year in the hobby and I am currently planning our display with both pixels and AC lights. I will be using a Raspberry Pi running FPP, using a Falcon F16v3 as our main controller, and using a Renard SS24 for the AC lights. I am hearing these are compatible, and my question is how to actually set it up, both on the hardware and software side.

    On the hardware side, my guess is that I will need to use a Cat 5/6 cable from one of the DMX ports on the F16v3 into the SS24. There are 3 ports available, so does the specific port matter, and are there any jumpers or other settings that will need to be set?

    On the hardware side, my guess is that I will need to add the SS24 as a new controller, but in xLights this is done through 'Add USB' versus 'Add Ethernet' (even though it's plugged in via an ethernet cable technically...). Are there any other settings I need to be aware of, either in xLights, in FPP, or some kind of controller page for the Renard SS24? I am not sure if it uses IP addresses or just universes/channels.

    Would appreciate input or confirmation from anyone who has done something similar before... either with this same setup or really any of the SS boards and the F16 or F48 since I am guessing the setup would be similar.

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    Default Re: SS24 Configuration in xLights

    There have been some nice things added to xLights regarding controllers I have not kept up on. In the past, the Renard/DMX out of the controller was just another channel on the e1.31 controller you set up for the F16V3. So, for example, say you are going to do a 16 string 170 pixel mega tree and then 24 channels of LED strings on the SS24. You configure the E1.31 with 17 universes and in your layout, start the mega tree on the controller and then have the ss24 follow on whatever channel that figures out to.

    The Falcon does have specific port requirements and they are spelled out in the manual.
    If using Renard it says ports 2 and 3 are suggested for use. You will need a specific cable for connecting to the SS24.

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