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    Hello and thanks for any information anyone can give me.
    I am starting from the beginning and donít know how to start. I want to raise money for our high school marching band. We are a small community and I was planning to re do all of my lights this year anyway. So I came up with an idea of putting on a light show and having the band playing the music and having the lights synchronized to it. I donít want to spend thousands on it but I am willing to pay to get a decent light show. I just donít know where to start. I will have a donation box outside for to donate to the band. I just need help on what I should buy and where I should get it from. Thanks from the band dad.

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    Start with what you plan to light. At the dame time, have the band record the music.

    From there you can choose lights controllers and power supplies.
    start sequencing as soon as you define your props. You are behind before you start.

    2021 New Tune-to sign. New 40x27 matrix at the house. Retiring the Strip based matrix. Updating some of the old window frames to the new house. Adding two new songs.
    2020 Full sized show reworked for the new location. Only adding (famous last words) 13 RBLs that I finally got converted to using pixels
    2019 - Just moved into a new home (yet another change of plans). Will be dim but not dark. Too much to do at the new place to leave time for a show. Dim show (3000 pixels) had regular visits most nights.

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    Join the group and pick up a copy of their 101 manual. Read it twice.

    Then take a picture of your house and with a memory of your existing lighting and what you might be adding, start drawing all over it. Make five or six different drawings of every idea that pops into your head. What if?...what if?...what if? Once you have something you think you might like, post it here and let people comment on it.

    Band fundraising...I think a band of wire frames or at least some wireframe instrument outlines might be fun. Instant sequencing as you let them play their parts.

    Watch a dozen you tube shows of at least 5 minutes long preferably "full show" videos. Watching them start to finish will help you understand how lights can be "boring". It will also let you make notes about things you like. Maybe also to make some music choices.

    Do you already have some hi-def music recordings from the band? Put them on repeat on any music player you have. Listen actively - make notes - and also passively (in the background). You want to get your mind around and into the music.

    There were a couple of sessions from the summit this past weekend you can find on youtube that help with the beginning (it isn't hooking up a bunch of lights). I think the presenter was Seth Jones for the ones I am thinking of. Watch those. (Caveat - I was highly distracted but I found his comments useful to rethink about my display.)

    Other resources

    My final comment is that if you are serious about making your display about the band, you have a built-in labor force and "sequencing helpers". Use them!

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    Try watching Dee higginbotham on YouTube he has a great tutorial for a led light show. He has both pixels and normal lights. This is how I started. Good luck with your adventures !!


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