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    Perhaps having too much time to "think" again this year, but I'm going to ask for your opinions.

    Many of us have found that we can use most of the lights we put up pretty much year round. Pick a holiday, set a color scheme, turn them on for a day or more. Several posts have shown actually creating a "show" for other than Christmas or Halloween draws people to see it. They are nice and entertaining, but ....

    By having shows literally year round, at what point will they become "ho-hum" for the audience, or even for us? At what point do you think we will see a drop in attendance for the "big seasons"? What would you do to head off "light-show overload" for our viewers?
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    I have pondered that. This year is a bit different, because people are looking for pandemic safe activities. Many people have been thankful for the diversion, even when I just have a static display with no music. Fortunately, my neighbors like the lights, so no worries there. The fact that it now stays light until 7PM and will of course continue to be later and later, makes having a light show for people to drive and watch almost impossible during the summer. My neighbors would frown on the show running at 10pm, except perhaps 4th of July.

    I don't think they will ever be ho-hum, because we keep improving what we do, and keep adding more technology. These off season shows are a great way for me to try new stuff. I don't do this because I want to get thanks from the viewers, although that is nice. I do it for the same reason I used to do model railroading. I enjoy it, even if nobody else ever sees it.

    I think during the traditional Christmas season, people will never grow tired of it, unless we run the same exact show every year, and even then, probably not. People just like driving around looking at lights during that time of year. It gets dark early. We humans like light. The occasional combination of fresh fallen snow and a light show really brings them out, probably always will. Traditions are big too. My family has things we always do, simply because we always did them. It is comforting, something we share, even when we are scattered and don't see each other often.

    I also notice that people plant flowers every Spring, and keep them blooming all Summer long. I never get tired of that either.

    Just my two cents worth.

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    IMO: If the off Christmass shows do not do the same things as the Christmas show then it will not become ho-hum.

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