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Thread: ws2812B Matrix power injection

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    Default ws2812B Matrix power injection

    I am building a ws2012b led strip matrix. 50 across and 20 down (1000 5v leds). I have a 5v 20a power supply.

    WS2812B rgb strip
    Working voltage: DC 5V
    SMD 5050 RGB
    LED QTY: 60 LED / M
    Power: 18 W/M
    Power Consumption (W/M) 0.3 W/Led
    LED Chip Model SMD5050

    I joined each row with the wire that they came with (I thing it is 22 gauge)

    Will this power supply be big enough to power this matrix?
    How do i power inject it. The power supply has (2) -v and (2) +v terminals. I was going to add some type of fusing system also. The controller workes with 5v also

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    Default Re: ws2812B Matrix power injection

    You may need to upgrade that supply.
    I built similar with same pixel strip except 96 x 84 and used hinkspix controller .
    5v 60A power supply x2 injected every 504 pixels v+ and v- .
    Simply used a 5a auto fuse with female spade connectors inline on the v+.
    I ran my matrix @ 15% as it was way to bright otherwise.
    Also found 60pix/m to limited in usage.

    If you intend to run at higher intensity you will likely need to inject more often to eliminate browning
    of pixels.

    You may like to give this a view as best practices for injection are inside .
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