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Thread: RGB Icicle lights

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    Default RGB Icicle lights

    Hi team
    This year I was hoping to make (or buy) RGB icicle lights for the font of my house about 8 meters in length.
    Before I start buying stuff, I thought I would ask here for your advice, tips, or where I can buy premade ones from please.

    I look forward to reading what you guys think.

    I have to keep in mind the shipping costs as I live in New Zealand. I.e Ray Wu's listing on Alixpress shows $27 for shipping.

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    Default Re: RGB Icicle lights

    As you probably know, email ray for shipping costs. The Aliexpress shipping calculator is not always good. For your part of the world, the only supplier would likely be Ray or some "unknown" supplier.

    Something kind of different you could make would be the strip or node in tube meteor style lights. You could get excellent density and very straight icicles which would show off the effects in a very nice way.


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