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    This is an improvement taken from embedded programming. I have had several problems with a custom plugin failing and causing Vixen to crash. The improvement would reset Vixen and the programs if a error occurs. It would generate an error log to allow you to check and see what error ocurred. This improvement would prevent having to do a manual reset every time an error occurs.

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    Wow, too much information without a history...

    Can you break it down?
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    You can't have a watchdog timer from inside the process being watched.

    You'd need a separate process to do that. If you're into Win32 programming it's really not hard... obtain a handle to the process and wait for it to become signaled in WaitForSingleObject. When it becomes signaled, kick off a new instance of the process.

    You could probably do the same in the .NET framework by wading through a few abstractions.

    (Of course, in this case, a better solution would be to fix the problem with the custom plugin.)
    There sure as hell *are* user-serviceable parts inside!

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