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Thread: Building 4 P10 matrix’s

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    Default Building 4 P10 matrix’s

    Hey everyone,

    Looking to add 4 matrices to my display this year using P10 panels. But I was wondering if you all think it would be to much. And take away from everything else. They would be 4x10 panels mounted next to windows. Take a look at the photo.

    I have pixel grids in these spots last year. Which was cool, but I really want a higher resolution as I had 2” spacing and couldn’t do much with it for videos.

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    Default Re: Building 4 P10 matrix’s

    If that is the look you are after, it will be fine. You already have experience with it from last year. There is a tendency to "watch tv" when large matrices are part of the display but used judiciously, you can do some very cool things with them.


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