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    Looking for help with setting up a HiFiBerry with FPP. Working on my 4th year with my show and always adding to it. I've pushed audio via the 3.5mm jack of the Pi to an EDM transmitter with the rubber ducky antennae and never been happy with the quality. Decided to add a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro and better antennae this year to improve things a bit. After installing the DAC and testing things out, it seems that its WAY overdriving the output to the transmitter. Its distorted so bad that its almost unrecognizable. I dropped the RCA gain on the transmitter down to nearly nothing with little to no improvement. Switching back to the 3.5mm gives much better quality.

    I'm guessing it as to do with the audio volume on the Pi somehow. Moving the volume slider in FPP has no affect on the actual volume, so thinking something more needs to be done. FPP appears to have detected the DAC as snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus is available in the audio output device list. I've tried running the but it doesn't seem to be running correctly. The popup page only says Running with no additional output. I'm running FPP 4.2 on a Pi 3b+.

    I read that others here have it working, but I'm obviously missing a step somewhere. Any ideas?

    Update: I think I figured it out. Switched the mixer to Digital and dropped the volume down to 50 and things are much better. Still have some static issues to work through.
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