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Thread: WiFi matrix feasable ?

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    Default WiFi matrix feasable ?

    hello i was wondering if there is a way to build a matrix but to have it wifi so i can change the program on it without connecting to cat 4 or raspberry ... like they do in the comercial word ? as when not used for my show my local church want to used it for their display ... so its either i build one 4x7 ft aprox or i buy one from a sign company (way more expensive i think ) which i hope i can used for my show any thought ?
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    Default Re: WiFi matrix feasable ?

    Have it wifi? You mean you want to send data to it using wifi or that you just want to connect to the controller and select a "program"? In our Christmas light world, you would do this using FPP running on a BBB or similar. The sequences would be predefined, sent up to the fpp and then selected to play as needed.

    Depending on your matrix size and quality of wifi, you might be able to bridge to it but many "real controllers" with this capability require gigabit wired connectors so they can handle the data in a timely manner.


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