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    Default Wooden Snowflake

    I had an empty spot over the porch that needed some light. I couldn't find a pre-made snowflake that fit the spot so I made one from 1/4" plywood. I started by drawing a branch in Inkscape. Then I made 5 copies and rotated them around to make a single snowflake. After everything aligned, I printed out the branch and made a template out of 1/2" plywood using a band saw. Next I used double sided tape to attach 1/4" plywood to the template and trim it with a flush cut router bit. The pieces were stacked for drilling and then primed and painted. The branches are positioned with one underneath the 2 adjacent branches, so 3 branches on top of the other 3. Six screws with wing nuts hold the entire thing together. Although the holes were cut with a forstner bit, they were still different sizes. I ended up going over the back of the pixels with hot glue to make sure they were well attached. This has 210 5v pixels and 1 data + 3 injection points. I'm probably pushing it with an LRS-75-5 power supply but seems to be doing well.

    If I could re-do this project:

    12v instead of 5v pixels
    Have it cut on a CNC, possibly in Coroplast
    Don't use Rustoleum Neverwet <- Created a rough surface
    Just use a good oil based paint and maybe coat with Rain-X


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    Default Re: Wooden Snowflake

    That really pops! Being custom fit makes it look natural to the gable space.
    lights, blow molds, and cut outs; no blinky-flashy yet


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