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Thread: Need Help With Helix Ether-Node

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    Well guys, I got it working.
    2 things:
    1) Take another look at the HNS pic that shows Node 2. Then look at the HNS pic for Socket 1 of the Ether-Node. It was an overlap of channels, first of all. I only have Node 2 driving 4 channels. My pixels start at channel 133.
    2) I tested with only one sequence. It lit the pixel arches. YAY!
    I found that I had to place a 5 second pause after every sequence, except the last. Not great, but it'll do for now.
    I'm excited.
    Now, I can tweak the intensity levels a bit to where the arches look how I'd like them to.

    And BLantrip; I am still interested in your system.
    Thanks again!
    You not getting my PM motivated me to keep looking into the issue and got my creative gears turning again.
    As I was going to see if exporting in Vixen 2.1 would help, I decided to just do so with one song. That led me to look at my channel map once again.

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    Default Re: Need Help With Helix Ether-Node

    Glad you got it working. I know it can be frustrating and then the proverbial "slap myself in the forehead" moment when we realize a simple little mistake or typo was the cause of so much head banging.

    I'm glad I can let someone else use my Helix equipment. Makes me kind of nostalgic to let it go since it was my first introduction into this great hobby. I enjoyed it since it was stand alone and didn't need a dedicated computer to run it. Honestly one of my favorite parts of this hobby was assembling the boards and having the satisfaction of them actually working afterwards.

    Enjoy and send me a video sometime of your display.

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