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Thread: Helix Channel Order Help

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    Default Helix Channel Order Help

    I've tried deleting and recreating a channel map for the Helix, changing the output order in vixen and deleting all other channel orders in vixen, but the channel order always reverts back to the natural channel order, which is different from what the channel order is actually supposed to be for my show. Is there any way I can specify which channel order to use for the Helix, or change the natural order in vixen?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Helix Channel Order Help

    No there isn't. You need to setup the vixen display exactly the same as your boards. So if you are using three daughter boards you need to have 96 channels in vixen, weather they are used or not. Not sure if you are using a ethernode or not but they are the same principal.

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    Default Re: Helix Channel Order Help


    Can you provide some more information?

    Using Vixen 2.1 or Vixen 3?
    Helix Main Board version?
    How many daughter boards?
    How many SSR daughter boards?
    Are you using an Ethernode board, if so how many?

    Vixen 3 does make it easy to re-order channels. If you aren't familiar with V3 I can help you there.

    It would also help if you could provide a screenshot of your Helix Network Supervisor channel map and maybe an example of the channel order you have in Vixen and how you want to change it.

    I have two daughter boards and one SSR daughter board and a Main Board V3. I'm able to assign channels to each of the daughter boards, but they must be in sequential order. I don't need to use every available channel on the daughter boards.

    Example: I have the first daughter board plugged into port 1 on the Main board. I've assigned channels 1-8 to that daughter board. The SSR for channels 1-4 is plugged into the first port of that daughter board and the SSr for channels 5-8 is plugged into the second port. The second daughter board is connected to port 2 of the Main Board and is mapped for channels 9-32. The associated SSRs are connected to ports 1-6 for channels 9-32 respectively. The SSR Daughter board is connected to port 3 of the Main Board and is configured for all available 32 channels (33-64).

    My Ethernode board channels then start at 65. Last year I did map full daughter board possible channels (32 each) because it wasn't easy to add/delete/rearrange channels in Vixen 2.1, so I had a lot of channels that weren't sequenced for future flexibility. Since it is much easier in V3, I've opted to only have the channels that I use in my sequence.


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