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Thread: Having trouble? Found a bug, or have a feature request?

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    Default Having trouble? Found a bug, or have a feature request?

    If you're having trouble with Vixen 3, there are a few options available to you.

    First off, if you're not sure how to do something or there's an aspect that doesn't make sense, check the How Do I forum. Someone might have asked the same question already, or you can ask it yourself. We will also be progressively adding to the documentation section of the website which you will hopefully find helpful as well.

    If you've found a bug in the software, or have a feature request for functionality that doesn't exist yet here's what to do.

    1. Visit the Vixen 3 Bug Tracker
    2. Create an account for yourself.
    3. Search for existing similar tickets. You may find someone else already experiencing the same issue, or looking for the same feature. You can add your two cents to an existing ticket to help add information to help us find and fix the problem. You can also subscribe to the ticket so you get notices of updates.
    4. Create a new ticket. Please include as much information as possible; screenshots and log messages are always useful. Often, we'll need to see your system setup to try and reproduce the problem: to include that, please zip up at least the SystemConfig.xml and ModuleStore.xml files in your Vixen 3 data directory, and attach it to the ticket. (bonus points for your log files, and sequence files if they're relevant!) You'll automatically be subscribed to any tickets you create so you will be kept up to date with any progress.

    Do keep in mind that this is a volunteer effort. We do our best to fix bugs and add features, but sometimes it takes a good deal of time to get to it. We try to triage the more critical issues that affect a wider audience. We also have an overall plan for future direction, and if a particular feature request isn't in line with that plan, or will be accommodated in another way, the ticket may get closed with a "won't fix" status. This isn't just dismissing your thoughts, it's probably because we have a better way already in the works, or it won't be needed after some other thing is fixed or improved.

    Thanks for helping make some of the best lighting software out there -- with your help and feedback, we can build something awesome that everyone wants to use!

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