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I don't believe there is competition, so lets that rest. However as alec say ACL is primarily a chat channel, you have to be there or be left out. DIYC.com is more of good old forum based threads with chat a bonus. that is my 20c worth.
I tend to disagree with this statement. Just because ACL has an active chat channel doesnt mean there is no information. ACL specializes in low voltage RGB lighting including the use of traditional LED and incandescent lighting. Its a different format to DIYC (if it wasnt then we may as well just be here). There is an informative Wiki and information to help get people into the hobby.
The chat room serves a pupose of allowing people to chat together and also to help those that are having issues and need help but just because it has a very active chat doesnt mean that there is no information in the threads and that you will miss out. Yes you may miss discussions between individual members and certain links, but thats no different from any chat room

ACL is different and serves its pupose for many people but its definetly not just a chat channel, that seems to say that if your not in chat then there is nothing to gain from ACL which couldnt be further from the truth.

All forums have there own flavour and you will find most will be members of all the various other forums as each forum is different. There is no reason to limit ourselves by just being a member of one forum. There is definetly no competition and i dont believe one is better than the other as they do serve different purposes and an individual will have thier own preferences to which forum they call 'home'