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11-05-2007, 09:47 AM
Ok, It's my turn to tell how Halloween 2007 went. I did a small graveyard seen this year. It turned out pretty good. It started off a little rough. I had some problems with my new SSRs. I was losing channels while testing my setup. So I ended up pulling them and using last years 12 channel parallel setup. Which worked out fine. I got all the lighting in place and working. Then I fine tuned my main (and only seq) to the display.
Once I was happy with that. I went inside to see what else I could wipe up for the show. Which I was thinking wasn't going to be much cause it was now 4:30 on Oct 30. I surfed up and download 5-6 Halloween midi song and started toying with the reader till I found 3 more songs that i could twick to work with my display.
After they were done I started checking out Vixen 2.0's new trigger option and the joystick plug in Kiwichristmas wrote, thinking I could play the seq's on demand which worked out great. I was able to mix them up. While Working with the triggers I found a way to get two joysticks. This gave me another Idea I could use the game pad to launch the song seq's and my joystick's seven buttons to launch sound effects. So back to the web to find 7 cool effects. I got the sound effect trigger seq setup and working. launched a couple song and found vixen would allow me to launch the sound effects right in the middle of a song at anytime, even though I was only using the one plug in as long as the effect was small it worked fine.
So now it was time (5:30 on Oct 31)to transfer the sequences from my desktop to my show pc. That's when i noticed that even though I had vixen 2.0 loading and running on the show pc. The trigger option was missing from the tool bar and with out I couldn't setup the trigger's for the two joysticks. So with no time to loose I swapped the show pc with my desktop. The Show must go on!!!!
I got the show fired up and 6:00 and the first tricker treaters arrived two boys from the hood accompanied by there mom. She told me the beelined to my house first to see my display and loved the songs and the boys eye lite-up when my son started throwing in some sound effects. It was great. A few more tricker treaters later a little girl shows up again with her mom. While the girl was getting her candy the mom watch the tail end of the beetlejuice seq. Which my son then followed with "Tha Adam's Family". At which point I had to laugh as I hear the little girl tell her mom..."We know this song" and went skipping off singing the words. The whole two hours was lots of fun. I only got two dozen kids include the neighbor boy across the street who returned in three different costumes ( I was on to him). I really got to thank the members of this community for adding some more fun to my family's holidays.



11-05-2007, 11:01 AM
Great Work!!!

11-05-2007, 08:33 PM
it sounds like a good start to a future halloween dynasty ....

I think the first year I did stuff back in 85 I dont think I had that many kids....

hey dont forget this was a school night a wednesday... next year it is on friday.... a sure crowd night....

11-05-2007, 09:29 PM