View Full Version : Moving dmx lighting units

11-26-2019, 02:50 PM
Just in case anyone uses any dmx lights in their displays like. I do and needs rain proof. Enclosures for the units to keep. The lights dry then instead of. Spending 600 pounds on designer's enclosures that are dmx light rain covers use these instead they are the same thing only. Used in the garden or allotment instead and fraction of. The cost


12-05-2019, 11:54 PM
Have you tried these? Do they affect the light at all (do the lights still shine where you intended with the same intensity, no refraction /diffusion)?

12-09-2019, 01:30 AM
I picked up some things called cloches today instead of above. They are glass and a near perfect fit - just need to fashion a base to set the light on/in and to hold the dome in place. I'd also like to be able to enclose a C9 bulb to keep the chill off of things in the enclosure. It can get mighty cold up here. I'll update this thread with progress. I'm just waiting for my controllers to arrive (any day now) so I can play with the DMX controls in XLights and try to understand how it all works and can be used.