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12-12-2014, 10:21 PM
my boys want me to build the bumble from the kids movie rudolf the red nose raindeer..

here are my thoughts of it 16 feet high as i got a nice 12 feet fake pine tree i can use .

as for body was thinking on light wire something easy to form and move ???/
as for covering i using white tinsle rope. for body and other colors i will air brush (tested that part paint will hold to it)
lighting ???
he will have a star in one hand and that will be pixels
one hand and head will be motorized.. got from old moving props raindeer.
this is going to be a huge project and need a liitle more info if you ever seen the movie it is at the end were bumble places the star on the tree.

i got the head movement and arm movement workout with help of the deer i got super cheap (free)