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11-02-2013, 11:58 AM
Hello All,

I just figured I would share with you my footage of my Halloween display for this year. While I have not fully uploaded all my videos as of yet, you can get a good idea of what I done by viewing the videos below. As the subject says, I have used a REN16XMUS to power 7 singing pumpkins as well as it's support lighting. A REN48LSD was also used in conjunction with a pair of DIYC-Floods. I will add videos of each song later.

I would like to say that the Singing Pumpkins turned out AWESOME! It came out exactly as planned. Furthermore, on Halloween, many people appreciated them as entire families took pictures in front of them. As an added note...I had a jumping spider in which you will see in the first video (the narrative) but not in the others as my wife, who was taking the video, was near the pumpkins. But you can see TOTs and guests going around to the side and getting scared by the spider.

You can read the entire post I made to the Halloween forum here:


If you just want to see the videos, click on these links:

Dry run narrative (night before 10-30-13):

Halloween night (10-31-13):
This video is a group of teenagers, near the end a girl gets scared when I just MENTIONED the spider.

This video is a group of kids with a couple adults, pay close attention to the woman in the orange top:

This video is of a large group of mostly families. Most people are taking pictures by the Singing Pumpkins, but take careful note of the skittish person in the Jets football jersey:

This is a video taken of a small group at night. This was the only video in which you can readily see my 'flicker lamp':

This video is just my family goofing off near the end of the night and here I trigger the jumping spider for my sons:


11-02-2013, 12:06 PM
looks like a lot of work ...great job!

Wayne J
11-02-2013, 12:17 PM
I bet that spider scared some folks! :shock:

11-02-2013, 12:27 PM
I bet that spider scared some folks! :shock:

Yes, it did. You can check out the videos for some footage on that.

looks like a lot of work ...great job!

Yes, it WAS quite a bit of work. While this wasn't the first time I have done the Singing Pumpkins, this time I went all out. Pretty much that is as elaborate as was going to get with the Singing Pumpkin display. The extra effort DID pay off though as many people took pictures and video in front of the pumpkins. I do intend to do the pumpkins again next year, albeit on a smaller scale as I would like to move them into the vestibule where the Magic Mirror is. Since I been doing the Magic Mirror for four years now, I intend to give it a rest for next year. I am going to move most of the display into the backyard since there is a large awning over the patio back there. My main goal is to be more protected in bad weather since Halloweens here is like a crap shoot to get a good day. Since I been doing Halloween from 2009, there was only ONE Halloween (2011) night where I could say it was a perfect evening with NO high winds, NO snow, NO winds in sight. To spite us though, the following year 2012, we got Hurricane Sandy as a Halloween present from Mother Nature. THIS (2013) there was the ever looming threat of rain overhead and a forcast that predected rain late in the evening. While the rain held up for both the Halloween event itself AND it's subsquent take down, I just don't want to be on pins and needles anymore when it comes to the weather. So I have to think of something else to do next year in which most of the stuff that cannot be exposed to rain could be put under the back yard awning. The string lights and other plastic props CAN stay out though, so that I could still put in the yard.

So until next year...