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looks really neat, just need a glow in the dark spook for halloween.

04-14-2012, 10:43 PM
I like it! What motor are you using? How does the motor run the wheel?

04-14-2012, 10:57 PM
It's a cool idea. I hope it's high enough so you don't clothesline anyone.... that would be bad....

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[QUOTE=homegrowncorals;205661]I am using a sewing machine motor, still had to slow it down some by adding another jump shaft.
here are some pictures close up,all made with stuff laying around the shop. :hmm:
and the pulley at the other end. :smoke:

So your using the same wheel with both a drive belt and the ghost drive string? And no tensioning other than how tight you tie the string?
I started with making ghosts and I've got some fishing line (100 lb test 150 yards spiderwire). I think most of the motors I have around are too big unless a power window motor from a car will work. I still need wheels and a firm plan but Halloween is still a ways off.


04-15-2012, 07:31 PM
That rigging looks great. Some years ago, I had the privilege to build one of these in an abandoned residence hall for a haunted hall. It was an 'A' shaped building where the closed section of the 'A' was converted to graveyard. On the fourth floor, we took out some windows and built the contraption so it went in the window, down the inside hallway, across the courtyard and to the other side where it repeated. We doused the ghost in glow stick juice. The motor was inside and couldn't be heard whatsoever in the courtyard. It was a great effect.

04-16-2012, 12:57 AM
I also did something like this and it turned out great.

People would come around a blind corner and step on a mat sensor which would start the program, turning on the motor. After a few seconds a spotlight would come on and then the ghost would fly around the next corner and scream at you as he flew over. I put in an mp3 player with fm receiver and some small battery powered cube speakers for the scream which was an audio file played on queue from a computer. I also put a few horns up high above the ghost to intensify the screams volume.. There was a sound activated relay inside him to light up the ghosts face and I used an ordinary HVAC fan motor (stepped down using pulleys). Once the ghost made full circle it would hit a switch that would stop the program and wait for the next group.

These things are sooo much fun to work with.


04-18-2012, 07:22 PM
As long as you keep the rope length short , you should be ok . If you lengthen it ... now comes the fun ( its called S-T-R-E-T-C-H - which WILL happen ) . You will need to put a "guide" before and after the rim to hold up the rope/cable due to the weight and possible bouncing of your ghost . When your ghost gets wet , it will add more weight and also cause it to do a bouncey thingy ( the bouncey thing , will ALSO happen with more distance ) .You might also note that the rope/cable will twist and eventually will cause your ghost to "knot" up the short hanging piece of the rope/cable . This can be alleviated by using a fishing swivel .

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I am not doing Halloween.....I am not doing Halloween....I am not....

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I am not doing Halloween.....I am not doing Halloween....I am not....

Just think of it as a warm up lol


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I am not doing Halloween.....I am not doing Halloween....I am not....

Welcome to the Dark Side young Padawan... :devilred:

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As JackFrost said, stretch can be an issue with long runs. This can be alleviated by making one of the wheel assemblies:
1) adjustable (like the freewheel tightener on the belts of your car)
2) self-adjustable with a spring (this can be fun as you have to tension towards the outside of the path without blocking the downward and slightly outward travel of the ghost)

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Do a google search on Axworthy flying ghosts. Lots of info out there on this particular system.

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