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03-05-2010, 02:45 PM
Greetings all.

Request For Information (RFI) on Firegod: The whole plan for CY 2010.

- Looking at the board the original data (128 Channel PIC Dimmer System)
was posted in 2007 -

Is there a complete document, like the GRINCH has, that gives you
(current data, all on the same version) on:

- parts list
- assembly instructions
- programming
- testing instructions
- limitations (ie cable distance, power, chip versions, etc)
- extra devices needed with the controller (SSRs etc) and how to make them
- what ever else

available anywhere? When I built my GRINCH I found that old and new data,
and controller versions, were mixed together some times so I'd like a uniform
set of information to avoid construction mistakes.

Next question, can you run a GRINCH and a FIREGOD, with VIXEN, at the same time?

Finally what is the consensus on what is the better dimming controller?
(Not looking for a war between dimmers just want some personal experiences
like ease of assembly/programming/use, best cost, etc. for a beginner like me)

Thank you all,

03-08-2010, 03:07 PM
You can run the Grinch, and Firegod together provided you have the right plug-ins selected in Vixen and separate ports.

As far as what is a better dimming control, that usually falls under the category of how you have your display setup. If you have a lot of channels in the same proximity to each other then I would suggest something with an integrated SSR onboard like a Ren8SS by Wayne or Ren16 by Dave (XMUS) or Ren 24 Frank. If you have a few channels here and there, go with the Firegod, Ren64, or Helix.

It's really your own preference on what kind of board you want to use. If you like the way Firegod looks then go for it.

As far as a file on the whole Firegod setup, I am not too sure where you can get a full document on all the ins and outs. You may want to try the wikki, and the stickies in Firegod forum first. If that doesn't yield anything try asking a question in the Firegod forum and I am sure one of the many brilliant minds in this forum will lend a hand. These guys are really helpful!

03-28-2010, 01:09 PM
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

My thoughts are to build a FIREGOD controller and see how I like it. Right now my problem is finding a complete set of documentation for assembly of the most current version so I don't mix and match. Anyone out there have anything so I don't mess it all up?