E1.31 Vixen Plugin

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E1.31 Vixen Plugin


E1.31 is a streaming control protocol that allows multiple universes of channels to be transported over Ethernet connections. It is commonly used with pixel controllers such as the SanDevices E682, the J1Sys ECG Controller Family and the HolidayCoro AlphaPix Pixel Controller + DMX Bridge and on E1.31 to DMX/Renard Bridges like the 6 Port Bridge by DIYLEDEXPRESS or the 4 Port Bridge by RPM.


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How to use E1.31 with Vixen 2.1 , 2.5

J1SYS Vixen 2 E1.31 Plugin Download and install to allow E1.31 use with Vixen 2.1 and 2.5
How to install
How to configure
Discussion Thread
Example of Channel mapping
Hint: To add a Unicast address to the J1SYS E131 Plugin, right click over the destination box and a popup box will appear for the unicast IP address
Hint: Remember that the E682 Pixel controller only can use 510 channels per universe to control lights, not the full 512 channels in a universe. Channels 511 and 512 are used for special functions, not channel control.

How to use E1.31 with Vixen 3

Vixen 3 Download Site
Vixen 3.2 / E1.31 Configuration Video (with AlphaPix controllers) [1]
J1SYS Vixen 3 E1.31 Plugin Download and install to allow E1.31 use with Vixen 3
How to Install and configure
Discussion Thread

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