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Thread: Olsen 595 Problem

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    Let me get this straight.

    In your current setup all of the channels on the first board (connected to the computer) work fine (go on and off as directed), as do all channels on the second board (the one that is connected to the output of the first board), except for the first channel. When you power-up the boards the rogue channel is initially off, and stays off until you start running a sequence under Vixen. At that point that rogue channel turns on (even though it is not supposed to), and stays on regardless of what you do with Vixen (including both running sequences and using the channel tester).

    Is this what is you're seeing?

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    Default Re: Olsen 595 Problem

    I got it fixed today. It was the Bios setting for the printer port. It was set as PS2. When I changed it back to EPP it stopped messing up. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    P. Short that is correct. It even goes on immediately with the channel tester.

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