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A new feature is the Supporting Member subscription.

A Supporting Member subscription has some account upgrades. There are no secret forums or anything hidden from a standard Registered user.

The Supporting Member subscription upgrades are:
1. Eliminate all Ads and the DIYC notice at the bottom of all pages.
2. "Supporting Member" title is listed under your username.
3. Upgraded Signatures, 5 lines instead of 1, BB and html code, pictures and video
4. Can participate in Group Buys

The Supporting Member subscription can be obtained by any Registered User by going to your Account and clicking on Account Upgrades. You can easily get to your account by clicking on your user name in the top right corner. The PM box, avatar and sig upgrades should take effect without any further effort.

* upgrades subject to change
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I recently received a request from a user if I could accept a form of payment for a Supporting Membership other than Paypal. I can accept a USPS Money order or check. Contact me via PM if you are interested in becoming a Supporting Member but have not done so because you do not use Paypal. My apologies to anyone who may have not been able to show your support due to my lack of insight on this issue.
The ability for Supporting Members to participate in Group Buys has been added to the list in post 1.
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