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I am working on a project and tried uploading the following files to The dimensions do not show up on the website, consequently, I am unable to see the board or check out. Can someone help me by taking a look? Thanks


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What type of files are those? I always upload Gerber files, I don't know if they accept any other type. By type I am trying to find out what program generated them.
Can you generate (export, perhaps) gerber files from Eagle and then ZIP them up and see what happens? I'm not familiar with Eagle, so this is a shot in the dark. If it's successful you should see images of your design right after you upload the files.
I did not create the files and I don't have Eagle. I have asked the other site for the Gerber files. Thanks Phil. But if anyone sees this and has Eagle, I would appreciate some help.
FWIW says that they can accept eaglecad files. Depending on the size of the board and shipping method, they might end up a bit pricey.
Just for kicks, I uploaded to oshpark that .brd file that you posted. It looks fine there, being a 1.46" x 1.11" design with traces on the bottom-side only. Three copies of the board would cost $8.05 for regular-speed service and free shipping, and would go up from there if you wanted quicker service and faster shipping.
Thanks Craig! I have been on here for almost 15 years and it never ceases to amaze me the help all of you provide. That's why Ive stayed a supporting member all of these years.
It looks fine there, being a 1.46" x 1.11" design with traces on the bottom-side only.

I am still having an issue with the board size. Are these the correct dimensions? The site needs board dimensions.


So I manually put in the dimensions I measured on Eagle. I appreciate everyone's help on this.
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I uploaded it to JLPCB and it took the zip file where it says "Add gerber file" but still didn't give dimensions...

BTW, they quote $2.00 for 5 boards but the shipping is $3.50 and way, way up.

If you have Eagle, click tools then statistics, it says it's 37.25mm x 28.25mm max board length.

Thanks. I downloaded Eagle and followed the tutorial to process the file and checked the Gerber files with PCBway online Gerber viewer. I tried it twice and could not get the Gerber files to load properly. Yours loaded just fine. I checked the dimensions manually in Eagle and came up with 36.942 x 28.075. That's what I went with and I think it will be OK. I am surprised that the dimensions don't automatically load. I didn't know about the statistics for Max board length. All of this is a learning process for me as I now have time to work on projects and am working way out of my comfort zone. Thanks for your help.
There is something hokey about the first set gerber files that were bandied about (their gerber viewer said that it couldn't find an outline layer), perhaps they are in a slightly older format that jlcpcb has trouble with. Their review process seems to be fairly good, and you would likely get an email from them if something needs fixing. Hopefully not.

Good luck with this.
Are you sure those are Eagle files? I think Kicad also uses the same file extensions. I don't have it installed so I can't try.
Nevermind, I downloaded Kicad and apparently they haven't used .brd files in awhile. Oh well, it was just a thought.
OK, One more question. Where can I find a site that lists compatible IC's for ones that are no longer manufatured? For example, I am looking for a mosfet IRF7425, which is obsolete and seems to be replaced by FDS4465, which is out of stock at most places and has a very long lead time. I probably need a replacement, but can't find one. It has a very low ON resistance which is important. I appreciate any help. I have the circuit and the code, but again, I am not very good at this. The circuit uses the output of a servo controller (pwm) to turn on a separate voltage when the pulse width is between 800 and 1300 us. It is an old code, but all I could find.


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