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Thread: A Problem With Tricks C Communications

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    Default Re: A Problem With Tricks C Communications

    I am using wireless communication to the LEDTriks. In addition to the thread Tim mentions, alse see this one regarding the connection from the SparkFun XBee Serial adapter to the Triks-C.

    I am also an LOR user, and driving mine on the same PC running LOR. I posted information about this on the LOR S2 Support Forum yesterday. If you'd like more info, let me know.

    One other thing I would mention, while testing driving the LEDTriks/Triks-C during my LOR show I had everthing setup in my living room, which is also where our Wii is (which the kids were playing at the time). I noticed that once in a while the text scrolling across the LEDTricks would get jerky. About the same time, one of the Wii controllers would lose connection. I'm not sure if the XBee units and Wii Remotes (Blue Tooth) are communicating on relatively close frequencies, but it would seem to be that there was some interference between the two. Since I moved the LEDTriks/Triks-C/XBee setup outside, I haven't seen any of this "jerkiness".


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    Default Re: A Problem With Tricks C Communications

    Indeed they are - Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11) and XBee (aka Zigbee 802.15.4), Microwave ovens and some cordless phones all use around the 2.4GHz frequency range and will definitely interfere with each other...

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