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Thread: SSRez Ver 1.3

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    Default SSRez Ver 1.3

    The silkscreen for the SSRez Ver 1.3 has an error in it. It shows the TRIAC with the tab facing the wrong direction.

    This is only a mistake in the silkscreen itself...the board is fine. The problem is that this orientation will work initially for low amperages. However, it may not work for long. The information on assembly in the Wiki is correct but the picture as of 11/2/09 shows the TRIACs in the WRONG position. I will replace the picture early this week and will mention that in the Wiki itself.

    For those of you who have to make repairs (myself included), be careful not to overheat the TRIAC as you may make repairs only to find out that it does not work after the repairs.

    If you have any questions, please let wjohn or myself know. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!


    The SSRez PCB

    SSRoz PCB

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