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Thread: 100W 7000 lumen LED

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    Default 100W 7000 lumen LED

    This was on Slashdot this morning. Who's going to be the first to put one in their display?

    They're available on eBay for only US $319.99
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    Default Re: 100W 7000 lumen LED

    That's a tad expensive for me. I wonder if you could just use a couple of LUXEON III LEDs and get the same effect for a fraction of the cost. I believe the DIY community uses LUXEON III LEDs in their lightsabers if your into Star Wars.
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    Default Re: 100W 7000 lumen LED

    Very impressive...

    A lot of the high power leds use arrays of chips to achieve the light output.

    In given time the prices will come down once mass production costs can become more efficient. The good news is that this will drive all led prices down. once more and more companies start producing more and more led based products and drive up demand.

    With all the rage with green technology Led lighting technology will definitely be a mainstay. the start ups of the companies coming up with these ideas are popping up all over like wildflowers.

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