Hi Guys, Girls & old people

If any of you have banner adds for your lighting websites let me know - I am more than willing to add them to my banner advertising rotation for Lithgow Lights, and my family tree website, and even Horrorking.Com if you want.

468*60 jpg or animated gif is preferred, but I am willing to be flexible on the size

Also I own aussiechristmaslights.com and if anyone does not have their own website, I'm sure we can work out a way to allow you to have your own section on there. I'd also love to link to all the Aussie websites from that page, with maybe a small thumbnail & short description of the display.

If you have a website, or want one, let me know & we can work on things in coming weeks/months

Oh and of course if you want your website hosted, it'd be free provided you dont get a gazillion hits a month lol. I think I have about 20 to 30GB a month spare