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Thread: 2.1 Tentative

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    Your not alone. I'm also getting this error with 2.1. Last year I ran 2.0.9 and it was solid except that I would get an occasional port exception, about once every 10 days. I may down grade for the show this year unless, there are positive comments about on 2.1. Up grading to 2.5 may be an options if most people find it to be solid.

    That's the beauty of Vixen, there are so many versions that we can pick the one that works for us.

    Keep us posted on a resolution to this error.
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    Talking Re: 2.1 Tentative

    Well I guess it's time for an update! After all of the problems I had last year (see previous posts in this thread) I decided that I would give Vixen one more shot before I abandoned it for LightShow Pro.

    I bought two used OLD computers with scrubbed HD's and new installs of XP Pro SP2 and a third with SP3. All had just 256M memory and slow 600MHz P3 processors. This is far less horsepower and memory than I used last year! Next I copied the Vixen 2.1 directory as is from my 2008 machine onto the new machines.

    I had tried various combinations of settings last year with some more stable than others but none perfect. This year I set up two profiles (two different houses with similar light displays). Each profile had two enabled plugins - Renard and Preview. I set up a program that ran BG 24/7 and ran the show with profile plugins for 6 hours nightly on all three machines (this was in October).

    The systems ran for two weeks before there was a failure (port open). Next I changed to "use program plugins" and enabled only the Renard. The show ran for a month on three machines with NO failures! We set up the shows on Thanksgiving day and ran them through New Years without a single glitch!

    Conclusion? The problem was neither memory nor processor speed / power. Last year all the PC's that failed were running XP Home SP3. This year the two show computers ran XP Pro SP2. That combined with disabling the Preview during the show seemed to do the trick!

    Thanks to all who have offered advice and consolation. It was kind of a steep learning curve but I made it. And yes, it WAS worth it!
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