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Thread: Mounting a Server Power Supply

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    Default Mounting a Server Power Supply

    Just checking to see how folks are mounting their HP 1200 watt server power supplies to an enslosure? I don't see any mounting holes on the ones that I have. Zip ties?

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    Default Re: Mounting a Server Power Supply

    This is how I mount all my psu's. I bend a 1" or so wide piece of aluminum stock into a U shap. Just snug on psu. Then mount it in the controller box. The psu just snaps in and out of case.

    The one in the pic is a 750w in a CG1500. I have a 1200w but is not currently mounted because I'm redoing that box. That one the psu is mounted up on its side, pic of mounts included. I believe that most server psu's are roughly the same size.

    This may not be for everybody but it works for me.

    20230311_090841.jpg 20230311_090858.jpg
    20230311_091023.jpg 20230311_091033.jpg

    Jdeation makes a strip that goes across the top then screws down to long screws next to psu. Another alternative.
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    Default Re: Mounting a Server Power Supply

    Window screen retainers and long screws.
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