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Thread: 2 CBT16pc controllers with xlights

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    Question 2 CBT16pc controllers with xlights

    I can't seem to get both my cbt16pc controllers to work in xlights. What I'm seeing is in the controllers tab, a red line in the "Port line" when I have both controllers set up to use port 3.

    each controller is set correctly with the LOR Hardware tool as controller 1 and 2 and test fine with the tool.

    I'm setting up the controllers as "new usb" using the LOR dongle.

    controller 1 works fine in Xlights as long as I don't try to add controller 2 on the same port.

    setting the second controller to a different port doesn't seem to work (didn't think it would)

    someone over at AusChristmasLighting suggested to set things up as one controller with 32 outputs but that didn't work either. The lights on the first controller worked as expected but nothing worked on the second.

    I'm starting to think Xlights just wont work with 2 usb controllers on the same port.

    any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 2 CBT16pc controllers with xlights

    xLights Zoom room at US evening hours. I would hope that someone in there will know the answer. If you find the answer, please post back.


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