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    Default LED Panels /LED TV's

    (not sure if this belongs here but it's about LED's !)

    I'm considering putting up a panel or TV on this blank wall. It's a Sunday school room and I'd like to do, well, I'm not sure with them! I know there's got to be some really neat displays I could create on either. But I don't fully understand the capabilities, limitations, pros & cons for each. If anyone has an opinion on either, or can point me to a link that explains more, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    The price of TVs has dropped so much in recent years. I picked up a 65" Walmart TV during Black Friday in 2020 for $240! The case I built for the TV cost just as much as the TV itself. Pannels can cost less if they are small (i.e. matrix of a couple P10) but can get really expensive the bigger you go. They aren't as limited in the total size that a tv would be, given you need to purchase a controller for the panels capable to run the number of panels needed. A TV will also need a controller like a Pi to setup a virtual matrix. Getting a Pi right now maybe more difficult than a panel controller. TVs will have a really high resolution compared to a panel. This can really slow your rendering down if you max out the resolution, so the simpler solution is to scale down the output virtual matrix resolution to a manageable size your equipment can keep up with. You can purchase indoor or outdoor rated panels. The outdoor panels will be brighter and waterproof on the led side, but you may have to take measures to limit moisture on the component side depending on the panel. Either way, both the TV and the Panel will require you to build a support structure to hold everything together.


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