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I started with building a grinch 15 years ago so no problems with cutting and repairing wires. My newbie status is in understanding the data and power flow in the strings. Yesterday 20 pixels worked 80 acted crazy, turn power off and on and 20 work 80 dead. I powered them up today and first 69 working, 70 dead, 71 constant red and the next 29 dead. After 5 minutes 69 working pixels, 70 turned on white, 71 still red and next 29 dead. 2 minutes later all 100 started working correctly. Could it be cold solder joints around pixels 20,21 and 69,70 causing this? I really don't want to return the string to Amazon, it has been a royal pain with shipping, it started when 2000 pixels were "undeliverable" 2 weeks ago and it hasn't got any better since.


I understand. Welcome to the world of Pixels!
My first year was 2015 mostly Renard Plus AC channels and a E682 with a few pixels here and there.
MAN! Pixels! What a learning curve that was, or is, LOL. You name it, I done it. I fried the first pixel in a string several times by just plugging them in Hot. I don't
think it is as much a big deal today as it was back them but I lost plenty of Pixels due to my own mistakes.
I'm that Guy who need to know the How's and Why's when it comes to some things. I once had a string of 50 pixels that while testing I did a ramp up of each
color. I think the blue started flickering and doing strange things as it ramped down. when I grabbed the first acting up pixel, the problem went away. I replaced that
pixel, temporary with small Orange wire nuts, and everything was working as it should. I tore that Pixel apart, I had to know, What. and I found it. The resistor for the
Blue LED was only soldered on one side of the board. When I mashed on it between my fingers it made the other side of resistor make contact and it worked.
I don't get that involved these days as my time, as mentioned above, is better spent on other things. Like making my own extension cords or most anything else.
All my AC LED strings are box store or wally world and I have added Full-Wave boards to them to get rid of that Darn Flicker. Can't stand it.