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Thread: Singing Bulb Setup 1 pixel 2 elements

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    Default Singing Bulb Setup 1 pixel 2 elements

    I am building a singing bulb and I just got to mapping out my ws2811 pixels. My question is can 1 pixel be in 2 elements of the lips? I am using Vixen 3 for my show. How would I do it

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    Default Re: Singing Bulb Setup 1 pixel 2 elements

    Yes, 1 pixel can be in 2 different elements.

    You can import a vendor singing model to use as a model for your singing bulb and to see how it comes together. Open Preview, drop down View, Prop editor. Then Tools, Vendor Browser. Find something close to your prop. You have to click the Options and then a Select button shows up and it appears in the prop editor. Then you have two tabs on the left that let you look at the logical layout and another which is basically the wiring view.

    I don't know how this translates to making your own prop. Perhaps Jon, John or Jeff has a video that explains that. But if you examine the vendor models, you will see how it works.

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