I'm now testing the firmware of multiple props.
All my props are using ESP8266 D1 Mini and my dense props like matrix and megatree are using ESP32 D1 mini format.

One question and one issue.

The question is, in FFP (on Rasp Pi) on the Multi Sync page are these settings correct?
fpp network settings.jpg

And on the controllers
When I select the sequence, I get perfect performance No lag or skipping on the tree.
controller 2.jpg
But when I change the selection to Play remote sequence, The tree skips and lags a bit. Like it's getting the sequence through WIfi and not the card.
controller 1.jpg

Now for the issue. The ESP32 (D1 mini format) keep getting a websocket error and not the ESP8266 D1 minis. Could this be related to/causing the lag/skipping I wonder?