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Thread: Costco - Neon Flex Light

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    Default Costco - Neon Flex Light

    I have several of these

    With the provided remote and in the cord controller they they scroll in both directions with a few different color patterns. I'd like a little more control than that. Is it possible to control them using a pixel controller like a Falcon or Kulp? They are 24V and have a 3 wire connection to the manufacturers controller. I'm not bad with electronics, but I'm a novice . If someone has an idea of how to test them that would be great. I can come up with an Arduiono, RaspberryPi, or Beagle Bone Black, and a power supply to drive the sting if necessary. Or if someone is familiar and can just tell me that's even better.

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    Default Re: Costco - Neon Flex Light

    I did this before using my Sans e682 controller even though my Sans was running 12 volt. I used the original power supply for the strip and cut the data wire going to the strips. Ran my Sans data wire and a ground to the strip. I remember playing around with different pixel types before I got them responding. They also had a white led strip built-in; I used a digital relay line for it and programmed a set level command of white to get the 3 volt level to trigger it on.

    The trick is you have to split open the light's receiver and make your mods, then waterproof it again. Before you start make sure when you use the remote to power them on and then unplug them, that they will remain on when plugged back in. Other wise you have to use the remote every time you start a show.
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    Default Re: Costco - Neon Flex Light

    I have a similar string with a label saying Intertek AL15-RGB-5M but without the remote..
    They are 24V and have the LEDs in groups of 6...
    Mine were WS2812 compatible and I'm able to drive them with WLED so they shoudl work with any controller supporting the WS281x protocol...
    But you do have to power them with 24V...
    But the data signal only has to be 5V..
    If that helps..


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