Is there anyone out there who can fix an F16v3?

I have a Falcon F16v3 v1.01 that failed a couple of years ago, but it was an early December failure, so not much time to work on it. I just bought a new one and tossed the old one in a drawer.

The symptoms are:

1. I have power in V2 and all the ports show good fuses, but there is no indicator on the PWR LED (under R70).
2. The OLED does not display anything.
3. The WiFi chip in the upper left does not have the traditional red LED lit.
4. When I plug a network cable in, i do NOT see any link lights on either Ethernet port.
5. I tried the EXT PWR connection (5DVC in).
6. I have tried both 5VCD and 12VDC on the V2 connector with no change in symptoms (I did adjust input power jumpers appropriately).
7. I tried "Factory Reset" with no change in symptoms. (LED1/LED2 don't even light).
8. I verified the all the IC's are properly seated.

Has anyone seen this?