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Thread: Wireless DMX smart bulbs

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    Default Wireless DMX smart bulbs

    I was wondering if there was such a thing as a wireless DMX bulb, like that you screw into a normal socket (Porch lights, lamp posts etc.) and then can be controlled over DMX with a wireless adapter.

    Did some research and I found these-

    Looks like they might be what I am looking for. Has anyone tried these? Are they fast/responsive enough to use in a light show?

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    Default Re: Wireless DMX smart bulbs

    Pretty cool device. I would bet they are at least as fast as a esp8266 based controller. Looks like you would need to generate dmx to use the transmitter, but that is not a big deal.

    There are a whole bunch of controllable rgb bulbs. Many have an esp8266 type device and can be controlled by ALEXA. If the device is an esp8266, you can likely hack into it and make it do tricks for you.

    This is one of the most common and famous RGB bulb hacks...

    I do not have any of those but if they are esp8266


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