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    Default Hi from the UK

    Greetings from the UK!

    I am new to Christmas lights, and last year was our first display where we raised money for Dementia as my Mum died of it in June 2021. We live in the bungalow where she used to live, so the display was a tribute to her.

    I am not good with electrical circuits and the computerised displays many seem to have, but I can play around with motors, cogs and chains, and this year I am building some moving displays. Most of these I have seen others build, and have tried to work out how they have been made. Some are from the Winfield Collection……

    I have started a You Tube channel showing some of my projects, and always open to new suggestions.

    This year my display will raise funds for a cancer charity as my wife is battling this awful illness😢

    Westbourne Lights

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    Default Re: Hi from the UK

    Hello, I am also new here. Good morning by the way. You posted a topic for the very first time after 6 months. I am sorry to hear that for your wife. I hope she will recover from this awful illness. If you need money then you can visit here where you will find information on how to borrow money from the cash app. It will help you more in raising money for a cancer charity. I will surely subscribe to your channel and will watch your whole video so that your views will increase and I will also ask my friends to you out.
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