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Thread: Have a 32X64 panel NEED help

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    Yes should have said Pico, that's what I get for not proofreading

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    Quote Originally Posted by skykicker View Post
    Got the watts receiver, got the 4 panels to work with the led vision different hook up than expected but seems to work. Just now need find the information on how to get to work with vixen 3, found the configuration however does not seem to be transmitting to board, must have universes or other setting off not sure how many to set found so many different answers.
    When had sideways (64rows) with watts, would not line up right off by one pixel on two of the panels. and had to hookup to 4 different junctions.
    When had other way (32rows) only two panels would work correctly, other two would be "blurry" duplicates, daisy chained, would only on 1 junction.
    Tried different presets however have not found the one that works, P3-smd2121 64*32 16s
    have another board on order that hope will work with it.
    Using LedVision for test.
    I seem to recall that LEDVision will not configure panels set in a “portrait” orientation. I started this thread over on the Falcon site to chronicle my own discoveries when setting up a 7x14 P5 matrix (which grew to a 14x14 matrix—see the IMBN matrix project on the Falcon site). It included some things on configuring the panels and LEDVision and addresses an oft-repeated misconception on configuration. It’s mostly directed to large matrix builders, but you might find something applicable to your issues.
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