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Thread: Need some help on an array

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    Default Need some help on an array

    I have 4 boscovo 50 pixel snowflakes for a total of 200 pixels.
    Have it connected to a F16 V3 controller on port 1.
    Xlights virtual shows all is well for config.
    When i run the self test the first 9 pixels operate irrationally . Pixels 10-on all operate correctly. Pixel one was not lightning up at all. Replaced that one. No difference .
    When i select a chase on the falcon they all work correctly. Color wipes cause a blinking on the first 9 . The rest ok.
    Got good supply (12v) coming in for power injection.

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    Default Re: Need some help on an array

    @Hub0001 can you provide some more information about the xlights settings (screenshots) can help just blur out stuff you don't want seen?

    It sounds like you could have an issue with the assigned channels not aligning with your falcon.

    When you say "self" test do you mean your sending data to your falcon or are you setting the falcon in test mode?
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    Default Re: Need some help on an array

    Did you run check sequence? I agree with @sonic777 that if the falcon test works fine, it is likely something in the config.


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