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Thread: Storage in hot and cold weather

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    Quote Originally Posted by algerdes View Post
    St Louis weather (hot to cold). 55 foot long, 9 foot tall convex - closed metal box. The whole show is inside and hasn't had any problems for years now.

    I would stress the fact (no pun intended) to make sure that the props are properly supported. When the temps get real high inside, coro and abs get "soft" and warping is a concern if not properly stacked or hung.
    I found this out the hard way. I hung some lighted candy canes in the attic of the garage one year. When I went to pull them down, they had all fallen and became Candy "r's". Tried to reheat with a heat gun to re-bend them, but in the end, just saved the lights, and through out the rest.

    To answer your original question. I've stored plenty of equipment, Led strips, pixel bulbs, controllers of all sorts, regular led strands, etc., in the Black and Yellow totes from Costco in my garage and haven't had any issues, at least heat related anyway. Temps here are 90 to 100+ degrees most the summer. I even keep several blow molds, Santa, Snowmen, RBL's, in the attic and they are still in good condition. I use a few controllers, Strip Lights, and RGB Spots year round in my Landscape lighting and some of them are in direct sunlight and haven't had many issues. Oddly enough, I have one control box (CG1500) that gets direct afternoon sunlight from about 3:00 on, and I have never had to change out the power supply. And it can get hot, and there is no added vent to the box.
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    The issue I have with storing LED strips in the garage is when you try and fold them up. The heat-related issue I'm hearing about with LED strips in general is when they run year-round on the side of the house, in direct sunlight.

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