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Thread: Sequenz Start using Pushbutton in the garden

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    Default Sequenz Start using Pushbutton in the garden


    Even if I have already read parts here in the forum several times, or in your documentation on the Vixen Light page,
    I still haven't found any step-by-step documentation for starting a sequence from external push button.

    I mean I read that it works with FFP, but I dont want to use this programm in addition the Vixen Scedular.
    I see code example how to to start sequences via Web API Server, but not the complete setup be done.

    Until now I dont find a step by step tutorial for an IT Noob, how the Setup a button in the garden area and on push the sequence starts runing (via Rasperry pi and Web API).

    Can anybody help me out with it, how the setup the Raspberry and the Web API with detail codes that at the end it works?

    XLight has such a howto guild allready and I think it would be great for the vixen community, too.

    Thx and greetings

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    Default Re: Sequenz Start using Pushbutton in the garden

    The link you referenced uses Pi as the player using FPP and the button input device. It is triggering an event to start the sequences on FPP. The only thing xLights is providing is the sequences to play which can also be provided by Vixen since it can export to FPP also. FPP directly supports reading the GPIO pins that can trigger events to run commands like starting a show/sequence, so it is likely easier than that tutorial presents. The latest manual gives examples on how to wire the switch and how to make it work. This is a self contained way to do it and likely the simplest to get going without additional electronics or programming knowledge.

    I am not aware of any tutorials that interface to the web api in Vixen to do this, but is is very much possible. I know others have done it, but may not have done a write up for how they used it. In a nutshell, you need to be able to react to the button press and make the specified web api call to Vixen to trigger the scheduler to play. It is pretty simple in concept, but you certainly need the device and software in place to do it.

    There are libraries to handle the GPIO events on a Pi that can trigger when a button is pressed and can be written to make a url request to the API in Vixen. A Pi is way overkill if it is just to be used for this task. It is much more suited to be the player and then the button trigger is a pretty simple add on. There are a lot of benefits to using a Pi as the player besides the button. You get a much more flexible scheduler. Your computer is not tied up running the show as well as a smaller form factor and lower energy cost. The list goes on from there. But that is your choice.

    One also could easily do this with an ESP wireless microcontroller device. It can be wired to have a button input and with some basic coding make the API calls as well. There is a ESPHome project that provides a lot of capabilities for ESP devices including reading buttons and making https requests. It uses configuration and does not require a lot of coding to make functional devices. But you have to learn that ecosystem to make use of it. All of these options will require some programming skills to go along with the basic electronics to wire up the button.


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